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We have a wide range of Covid-19 consumables available for purchase. Browse below to see all the products available.

Super Care Latex Powder Free Gloves

  • Glove made from latex extracted from rubber tree with excellent elasticity and elasticity
  • Comfortable when worn.
  • It is stretched well-using latex, has excellent resilience, is soft and comfortable, and has less sweat.
  • Embossed at the tip of the fingers, it does not slip during operation.

Dromex 3 Ply Mask

  • An adjustable soft aluminium nose bar allows for ease of moulding onto the nose and optimum fit
  • 100% Latex-free ear band loop prevents irritation and eliminates pressure on the ear
  • Hypoallergenic due to the polypropylene synthetic material preventing allergies
  • Glass fibre free
  • Automatic ultrasonic bonding adds to the cleanliness of the mask
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use in humid environments
  • A 3 pleat triple-layer construction provides stronger support to the mask.
  • Product Rating: EN ISO 13485:2016

3 Ply Re-usable Face Masks

  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt Fabric with elastic loops
  • 100% Conti Fabric with tie-up strings


  • Code: DH-IF-THERMO
  • An automatic high-temperature warning alarm, which sirens when measurements are above 38°C
  • One second temperature measurement results due to the high sensor quality
  • An LED luminous display function, suitable for measuring at night (also prevents disturbance for babies)
  • One key operation
  • Has a large memory capacity memory that stores up to 32 measurements, ideal for monitoring of children and sick patients

Or you can get the Simzo from R999.00

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